Fatac V-Drive Ballast Bag Set With Supa Tsunami Pump

Fatac V-Drive Ballast Bag Set With Supa Tsunami Pump

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Includes one(1) W701 v-drive sac SET and one(1) W709-SUPA Tsunami pump system

Bag Specifications (W701):
Dimensions (each): 42 in. x 16 in. x 16 in.
Capacity total: 800+ lbs. (400+ lbs. per bag)
Fittings (per bag): 1 drain, 2 fill/vent
Includes 2 bags with standard fittings.

Tsunami Pump Specifications (W709-SUPA):

Supa Tsunami Pump, Juiced Edition
Currently the most lightweight fastest pump from start to finish, just got even Faster with the Supa Tsunami
Kink proof black helical tiger hose
12.5' long hose for deeper hulls and longer boats
20' long cigarette adapter wire length
SS edition cigarette outlet adapter that won't rust
Same lightweight shell with a gray color and updated logo
Motor inside that increases speeds up to 40%
Proprietary custom machined FatSac fitting to replace the white elbow for 10% faster water flow
Still the only self-priming pump on the market


  • Model: W701 + W709-SUPA
  • Manufactured by: Fat Sac


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