FatSac V-Drive Surf Sac

FatSac V-Drive Surf Sac

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The Pro X Series V-Drive Wake Surf Sac fits perfectly in the compartment of your v-drive boat to produce a nice wake for surfing. Try combining this sac with the Pro X Series Fat Brick to help you control the shape of your wake.

The Pro X Series represents a transformation in wakeboard ballast bags. The Pro X Series is the first product that was designed from the ground up for use in wakeboard boats. Because of that, every aspect of construction, design and materials was analyzed to create the most durable and user friendly wakeboard ballast setup ever offered. If you're tired of dealing with leaky bags that take a long time to fill and drain, check out the Pro X Series Bags. Once you use these sacs you really will agree that all other wakeboard ballast bags are obsolete.

*The Pro X V-Drive Surf Sac will fit in the rear storage compartment of most V-Drive boats.


  • Integrated Design: The Fly High Pro X Fat Seat ballast bag is designed to replace the rear seat in all direct drive inboards with a massive amount of ballast.
  • Quick Connect Fittings: Stop messing around with blue waterbed fittings that leak and are hard to connect.
  • Welded Thread Fittings: The threads in these bags will never fail and are guaranteed not to leak thanks to an integrated O-ring seal.
  • Valmex Material: One single layer of tough material makes punctures and abrasions a thing of the past and ensures you don't have to mess around with liners and inner covers. This rugged material is also anti-bacterial to reduce mold growth.
  • Welded and Taped Seams: The seams on these bags will never fail and are guaranteed not to leak.
  • Single Layer Construction: No longer search for an inner bladder valve, just connect, pump and go.


  • Dimensions: 42" x 16" x 16"
  • Weight Capacity: 400+ lbs.


  • Model: W713
  • Manufactured by: Fat Sac


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