Fly High Super Air Nautique Additional Ballast

Fly High Super Air Nautique Additional Ballast




Product Description

Take the Correct Craft Super Air Nautique 210, 220, 230, and 236 wake to the next level with the Fly High Super Air Nautique Additional Ballast package. Fly high worked with the Correct Craft team riders to come up with this system to maximize the size of the SAN wake. Fly High's Air Nautique Ballast System adds an aditional 1600 lbs. that consists of four sacs designed to be installed on top of the factory ballast system. Danny Harf needs a Super Air Nautique wake with an additional 1600 lbs. to even start thinking about landing 1260's.

The Fly High Super Air Nautique Additional Ballast kit makes use of the factory ballast pumps and switches by integrating one additional ballast bag in the each rear locker, and one additional ballast bag underneath the seats in the bow. The additional ballast bags are tied into the factory system usig a pigiback system using the included fittings. Once the factory tanks are full the additional Fly High sacs are filled. This kit also includes one Fly High Tsunami Pump and a Fly High Fat Brick to dial in the wake.
This system fits Super Air Nautique models 210, 220, 230, and 236.


1 W709 - Tsunami Pump

1 W702 - Fat Brick

1 W741 - fitting

7 W746 - fittings

7 W743 - fittings

1 W701 - Pro X Series V-Drive Sacs (set of 2)

1 W711 - Pro X Series Integrated Bow Sac


  • Model: W760
  • Manufactured by: Fly High


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