Everett Removable Snow Flap Kit - V2

Everett Removable Snow Flap Kit - V2

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All new for 2021, our improved V2 design:

- Uses a positive latching system for a more secure connection.
- Simplified installation
- No more shock cords that could accumulate snow.
- Now works with both the standard snowflap and the 3 inch track snowflap!
- Remove your stock snow flap and secure it to the tunnel of your sled within seconds.
- It's time to lose the flap!

Improved Hill Climbing :: Less Getting Stuck :: Easier Hopovers :: Better Wheelies!

- No tools required after installation!
- Reduces drag so you can climb higher and get stuck less.
- Provides for flap removal when backing your sled down a steep ramp.
- Better access to your bumper for those times when you do get stuck.
- Similar benefit to shortening tunnel without the labor and loss of resale value.
- Reattach snow flap in seconds for trail riding, low snow conditions, or roost deflection.
- A snow flap's only benefit in deep snow is to help you get stuck easier!

Snow flap not included -- Snow flap not included

This kit uses your existing snow flap and works with the following Polaris snow flap part numbers:
2208364, 5438021, 5456130, 5438788, 5438529 and 5455980

Using a snow flap listed above, this kit will work on all 2011-2022 Polaris mountain chassis, Pro Ride and Axys, snowmobiles. Works with stock Polaris bumpers and most aftermarket bumpers.

What's Included?

- Stainless steel snow flap mounting bracket with positive latching levers
- 2x black powder coated tunnel holding brackets
- Mounting hardware for snow flap and tunnel brackets
- Installation Instructions
- Snow flap not included

Snowmobile Fitment(using snow flap listed above):

2011-2021 Polaris RMK
2011-2021 Polaris Pro RMK & SKS
2011-2021 Polaris RMK Assault
2011-2021 Polaris Switchback Assault
2020-2021 Polaris Khaos
2021-2022 Matryx Indy VR1, XC, Switchback Assault
2022 Axys Chassis Mountain Sleds

This kit does not fit 2022 Matryx mountain sleds


  • Model: ESF-V2


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